Market leading tree shears, saw grapples, pole planting buckets and cable ploughs

Welcome to the Axer website. Here you can find market leading tools and attachments for excavators and crane applications. Our product range covers tree shears, saw grapples, pole planting buckets, cable ploughs as well as many other interesting products.

Our vision is to be the best in the market for reasonable price. Our guideline for this is high quality in manufacturing, material selection and design. You can see this in our products for example that we design and manufacture most of our hydraulic cylinders and other key components by ourselves to ensure perfectly tailored components and design for our purpose. Also, this allows us to choose the best and most suitable materials for every individual application. We have modern 3D design and manufacturing capability in our premises. As well, we use robotized welding and other modern solutions in our production. We have knowledge in machine building from over three decades of experience and also due to fact that we have large clientele working all over the world.


Axer Tree Shear

Axer Tree Shear is a pioneer product in it's segment and has history of more than a decade. Throughout this period, our products has gone through a lot of research and development and are fine tuned to meet the demands of even the most roughest use. In the production of tree shears, we use only the best available materials and manufacturing procedures. For example, all our tree shears have hardened cutting blades which are replaceable. We design and manufacture our own cutting cylinders which are optimized for each model to ensure an optimal cutting process and cutting forces. Housing and grapple material is wear resistant plate, pins are made from tempered steel, which ensures good bending stiffness and wear protection. Our product range covers excavators from 4 tons to over 20 tons. Also you can find a large variety of optional equipment for our tree shears, for example collector.

Axer Saw Grapple

Axer Saw Grapple is technical leader because of the experience gained from over 30 years in the industry. Our long history in harvesting technology has made it possible to develop and manufacture saw grapples which use components and technical solutions that are proven best in long term field use. Therefore, the Axer sawgrapple is an innovative product for removing problematic trees in urban enviroments as well for harvesting lumber. We use harvester grade components in our saw grapples, which ensures faultless operation year after year. Our product range covers fixed attachment excavator models and hanging attachment crane models.

Axer Pole Planting Bucket

Axer Pole Planting Bucket is solution for pole planting and removal which is developed with operators whom are long term experts in pole working and doing it at daily basis. We have two different sizes in our product range which covers excavators from under 10 tons to over 20 tons weight groups. In Axer Pole Planting Buckets, we use cylinders which are specifically developed and manufactured for those machines and are located conveniently on both sides of the bucket and are equipped with lock valves. The materials in our buckets we have measured so that the meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. Pole Planting Buckets can be equipped with a straight lip or with teeth.

Axer Cable Plough

Axer Cable Plough has accomplished a good reputation among users due to it's low drag coefficient resulting in a low required force to pull the plough. Our cable ploughs have a unique and innovative design to reduce the excavator size required to pull the plough. We use wear resistant plates in our product to ensure a long lifespan for the ploughs. Our product range covers cable ploughs suitable for excavators from 12 ton upward and cable sizes up to 60mm or 120mm.