The Axer 230 K is a smaller energy grapple with a simple design. The single grapple minimizes the number of moving parts and thereby increasing the life of the machine and reducing the maintenance costs associated with it. The cutting blade is quenched and tempered steel which increases its wear resistance and strength. The cutting blade is also removable/replaceable when required.


There is an option to also add removable delimbing blades to this grapple allowing for clearing of the branches off of trees before cutting them. They mount on the side of the grapple and use the grapple motion to open and close them. (i.e: when the grapples open, the delimbing blades close and vice versa when the grapples close)


Axer 230 K Technical Specifications

Mass:  270 kg
Maximum oil pressure:  300 bar
Recommended minimum oil flow:  50 L/min
Maximum cutting diameter:  250 mm
Maximum grapple opening:  650 mm
Mounting platform:  Excavator
Mounting platform weight recommendation:  9 tons and smaller (metric system)