Axer 800HD tree shear

Axer 800HD tree shear is the most powerfull and robust choice in Axer product family.

This model can be installed into over 12 tons excavators. Tree shear is designed for the most biggest and challenging trees in European forests. It's thick and robust wearing plate frame with extra reinforcments, combined with sturdy grapples makes sure that even when installed into 30 tons excavators, it is comfortable choice. Axer 800 HD has is so powerfull, that even the most biggest and resilient trees will cut nice amd easy.

20mm thick hardened cutting blade and a powerful grip from the tree along with optimized geometries, using cutting cylinder of our own design and manufacturing, ensures optimal and solid performance, even for the toughest challenges. Axer 800HD tree shear is available in 2 models: K model with bolted cutting blade and patented L model with a retractable cutting blade which allows loading, weeding and normal grapple use for the same machine. Both tree shear models has hardened cutting blade which can be detached and replaced.

Axer 800HD tree shear is robust powerhouse for mid and heavy excavators which is manufactured using only the finest materials.

Axer-800-HD-K-energiakoura.jpgAxer 800 HD KAxer-800HD-L-energiakoura.jpgAxer 800 HD L

Axer 800 K HD Technical Specifications

Mass: 680 kg
Max. oil pressure: 300 bar
Recommended minimum oil flow: 150 L/min
Max. cutting capacity: 400 mm
Grapple opening: 1000 mm
Mounting platform: Excavator
Mounting platform weight recommendation: more than 12 ton (metric system).


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