Axer 230 Tree shear

Axer 230 Tree shear is a lighter weight model due to it's simple but robust box shaped construction which still has the outstanding cutting capacity and a smartly designed grip from tree.

Axer 230 is a brilliant choice for one looking cheaper and robust tree shear due to it's simple and clever design. Axer 230 tree shear has hardened cutting blade which can be detached and replaced.

We use cutting cylinder which are our own design and production, which allows us to have the most advanced geometries and cutting force.

Axer 230 tree shear is simple powerhouse which is manufactured using only the finest materials for competitive price.

axer-230-energiakoura.jpgAxer 230 KAxer-230-energiakoura-1.jpgAxer 230 K

Technical Specifications

Mass:  270 kg
Max. oil pressure: 300 bar
Recommended minimum oil flow: 50 L/min
Max. cutting capacity:  250 mm
Grapple opening:  650 mm
Mounting platform:  Excavator
Mounting platform weight recommendation: less than 9 ton (metric system)



Delimbing blades