Axer 450 S Saw Grapple


The Axer 450 S energy grapple/ felling grapple is a compact machine designed for working in horizantal and vertical positions. The Axer 450 S can be mounted on any forest machine or rotator equipt platform. 

The hydraulic system of this grapple is designed according to the mounting platform and it is desinged to be the most efficient for the customer. There is a 5 L lubrication oil tank for the saw located on the machine to allow for a full day of cutting before having to refill the tank.

The simple construction of this machines ensure that the machine will be reliable enabling for a care-free work environment


  • Radio control (includes the radio control interface and 1 X 12VCD 9Ah NIMH battery pack)
  • Motor drain line compensation system

Axer 450 S Grapple Specifications

Mass: 221 kg
Max. oil pressure : 210 bar
Recommended minimum oil flow: 50 L/min
Max. grapple opening: 1000 mm
Max. cutting diameter : 450 mm
Grapple size : 0,12m2
Mounting platform: Forest machine

Saw Grapple Dimensions