Axer PP25 pole planting bucket

Axer PP25 pole planting bucket can be installed into excavators over 12 tons.

Thick wearing plate grapples and pin diameters, robust frame construction and lock valves in cylinders allows safe and efficient working with even big poles.

We have designed and manufactured the grapple cylinders to get them blend into bucket the most efficient way, by installing them to both sides of the bucket nicely under covers, so they are easy to access for service and are on safe place against outer threats.

We have designed and manufactured cylinders using high standarts to meet demanding use on higher pressures in excavator use, to make sure that the work is safe as it can be, and the service intervals are long. Material for bucket is mostly wearing plate and tempering steel, which makes sure that the lifespan for bucket is long.

Pole buckets are available with straight lip or with teeths.

Axer-PP25-pylväskauhaAxer PP25Axer-PP25-pylväskauhaAxer PP25Axer-PP25-pylväskauhaAxer PP25

Axer PP 25 Technical Specifications

Mass: 485 kg
Max oil pressure: 200 bar
Height: 1245 mm
Width: 744 mm
Max pole diameter: 375 mm
Volume: 250 L
Max force at tip of grapples: 27,8 kN @ 180 bar
Installation platform: Excavator